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Hear from our valued customers

I really enjoy my experience of getting massage. I love the ambience and the overall customer service. The place is very clean and I enjoy their hospitality. Their prices are affordable for a great massage experience that I receive. Definitely recommend this place. Glenda does a great job.

Devshree Golecha

Great Ambience. I would say it is the best Ayurvedic Wellness Center in Houston…! The customer service was awesome, the staff were very knowledgeable and give their best.

Laxmi Sravani

I’ve been enjoying the yoga classes at Ayush Wave for the last month. The location and 6:30pm class time make it possible for me to sneak away and spend an hour on myself.


Sonia (the primary instructor) is able to give you personal attention because of the small class size, she adjusts you into proper allinment/position when needed and has a great way of pushing you to try. I really enjoy her style of teaching and the yoga practice it’s helping me to develop.

Danny teaches on Thursdays and her class is awesome! Danny’s class is totally different, it focuses more on a physical flow, listening to your body and making your practice your own. I really love the Thursday class, it helps to push me in a different way and it’s nice to have a different perspective/style of practice to participate in.

I have always wanted to develop a yoga practice and having such a nice place, so close to home has finally allowed me that luxury. I love that there is a class available everyday, that the instructors are different (so you are able to have a variety and deepening of your practice) and that everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

Janiece Rivas

I had a family member that suffered with many health issues. Dr. Reddy did a thorough body composition test and prescribed organic herbs and remedies that shipped from india. I can say that its been two months and my family member is doing so much better with her overall health. It is incredible to see such drastic change with a regular intake of healthy supplements. This treatment was coupled with Yoga practices of meditation and poses that focused on vitality. Huge thanks to the Ayush Wave Center.

David M

My mother was struggling with a number of physical ailments including digestive problems, chronic migranes and vertigo when I decided to bring her to Ayush Wave to see Dr. Shweta Reddy 3 months ago. Dr. Reddy was very detalied when examining my mom and her conditions. She took time to understand the possible cause of her illness and come up with a proper form of treatment. She gave us a complete program to follow, which included herbal supplements, an oil, a diet guide and recommended a specific yoga practice for her. I can honestly say that since my mother has been under Dr. Reddy’s care we have seen significant improvement in her health. Her digestion has improved, she is having less frequency with the headaches and her vertigo has turned more managable. We continue to work with Dr. Reddy to monitor and see the progress that my mother is making everyday and we remain confident in the benefits of alternative treatments through Ayurveda.

Angelica Aroca

Had the Abhyanga Oil Massage with Swedana steam. Amazing experience.

Hema Prasad

I met with Dr. Reddy about a month ago for a consultation. I was having a difficult time with my digestion so I wanted to fix that and lose a few pounds as well. She gave me some herbs and a dietary protocol and suggested that I get a Panchakarma (7 Day Detox). I did end up getting the Panchakarma and it was fantastic! I lost about 7 pounds in 7 days and solved my digestion issues. Now, even a month later, my digestion is still in great shape! Thanks for 7 days of wonderful oil massages and other Ayurvedic therapies! I will definitely be back for my future health/wellness needs.

Tanuja Parachuri

My experience at Ayush Wave was memorable. I felt safe in the atmosphere they have created there. My therapist was amazing and knowledgeable. I will definitely return on my next visit to Houston

Tiffany Hayes

This place is awesome and also a very good one, i have tried 3 places around Houston and im so happy to find this place.

Cicilia Marciline

Wonderful, knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring staff, and an overall great resource for anyone looking to improve upon challenges with chronic pain. Ayush Wave is a holistic experience.

Brett Thompson