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Ayush Wave focus on providing Ayurvedic support and ayurveda services.

Shirobasti is one of the externally administered purification or Shodhana treatments in the Ayurvedic order. Shira in Sanskrit or in diverse oriental linguistic orientations means head and Basti signifies retaining or containing something inside. Thus, Shirobasti is the process of treatment where hot medicated oil is made to retain on the surface of the...


Kayaseka or Sarvanga Dhara or Pizhichil is a special treatment procedure followed by traditional vaidyas (physicians) of Kerala. The word Pizhichil in Malayalam language literally means “squeezing”. Here the whole body is bathed in streams of lukewarm medicated oil with simultaneous soft massage. This Ayurveda’s Royal Treatment is famously called as the “treatment...


“To any artist worthy of name all in nature is beautiful, because his eyes fearlessly accepting all exterior truth, read there as in an open book all the inner truth.” – Auguste Rodin Eye-How important in life: It is very difficult to imagine the very existence of mankind without...



Constipation:  Definition: Constipation is derived from the latin word “constipare”, meaning “to press, crowd together”. It’s a condition of the digestive system due to incorrect life style and poor eating habits. At some point in life, almost everyone must have suffered from constipation. Understanding of Constipation various with people....



Asthma:  Definition:  Asthma is a chronic inflammatory reversible lung disease that inflames, produces extra mucous, cause’s spasm and narrows the airways. This can make breathing difficult causing coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. The airways are the tubes that carry air into and out of the lungs. People with...



Diabetes: Diabetes is a metabolic life style disease in which a person has high blood sugar level, either because the pancreas does not produce insulin or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. It can also be referred to as the condition in which the...


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