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Ayush Wave is an ayurvedic wellness and yoga center serving Houston Community. We focus on providing Ayurvedic support to individuals suffering from chronic diseases and helping people find relief from stress and tension. Ayush Wave is founded on the timeless principles of Ayurveda and Yoga, located in Sugar Land. Ayush Wave is an eco-friendly Ayurveda spa where the life affirming principles of holistic Ayurvedic healing are translated into massages, diet plans, yoga classes, mediation, workshops and programs that are tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Ayush Wave is an elegant sanctuary for rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit comprising two spaces, one for yoga and another for Ayurveda. This retreat for Ayurveda, Massage and Yoga is designed on five basic elements of Ayurveda – air, water, fire, earth and space.

At Ayush Wave, we use products that are specially formulated and based on Ayurvedic principles. All our therapists are trained in the traditional Ayurveda therapies and our Ayurvedic Consultants have earned Ayurvedic degrees from renowned Ayurvedic colleges. Our Yoga teachers are certified in various yoga styles which include vinyasa, hatha, etc.

The Specialists

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Shwetha Reddy

Shwetha is the Founder and owner Ayush Wave, a premier wellness center and a health spa in sugar land. She is also a co-founder of Texas institute of Ayurveda and Ayush Botanicals. She is bringing the knowledge of Natural science to the Public through these organizations. Shwetha Reddy has been practicing Ayurveda since 2006 in India and Europe. She has consulted over 2000 patients till date and continues to maintain an active Ayurvedic practice at Ayush Wave in Sugar Land, TX. She has completed B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), experienced in consulting chronic disorders and a member of AAMA and NAMA. Her Research expertise includes in-vitro and in-vivo studies in the matter of anxiety and depression. Her major research work includes diabetes induced cardiovascular tone regulation. Identifying genetic role of Brn3a in Depression and Schizophrenia and identifying the role of SSRIs in treating psychological disorders. From adolescence through the midlife, Shwetha chose her career because of her passion to care for chronic diseases in an alternative and holistic approach. Her knowledge and experience in ancient medicine and modern research is a kind of diversity helping her professional success..
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Thao Powell

Thao Powell is the Admin and the Manager of Ayush Wave. Thao is an exceptional Office Manager with over 21 years of proven success in providing high quality administrative support, staff management, and project oversight for international organizations. Thao also worked an editor for Macaroni Kids Magazine. Thao's Knowledge and expertise of office Management, digital and Community event management expertise are the valuable assets of Ayush Wave.
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Carly Prias

Carly Prias is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Texas who received her diploma in 2009. She discovered her “gift” when she was a teenager and has been focused on holistic wellness since then. Carly is also going to be a certified yoga instructor soon. Carly is Educated in various herbal and essential oil applications for health and wellness through continuing education, research and practice, she loves helping people feel better and has often been referred to as “having healing hands”.Her Ayurvedic training comes from Shwetha J Reddy and it has added yet another layer of holistic education to her experience and repertoire.
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Glenda Burger

Glenda has been practicing Massage Therapy and Cosmetology for 25 yrs. Before Starting a career as a Massage therapist glenda workd a a dental assistant. Loving the way her practice made her feel (physically, mentally and emotionally) glenda decided to continue her career as a massage therapist. Glenda is also a certified Massage therapy instructor, Continuing education provider and verified CPR trainer. With all the expertise and training in Ayurveda Glenda is a valuable asset of Ayush Wave.
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Hetal Varia

Hetal Varia is a 200H certified Yoga teacher at the Art of Living Foundation. She has been practicing Yoga since more than a decade. She has organized and conducted many Yoga courses and workshops. She likes to organize courses and events that uplift the society and promote service towards great cause. She has a Master’s in Electronics Engineering from University of Bridge port and works as Control System Engineer in EPC Company in Houston.
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Sonal Patel

Sonal is a 250hr yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She has completed her teacher’s training from Yoga India, Mysore (now called Indea Yoga) under the guidance of Bharath Shetty and has been practicing yoga for the past seven years. She is proficient in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa & Mysore styles.
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Angel Atherley

Intrigued by the mind-body-breath connection for years both on and off the mat, Angel got her RYT-200 in 2015. She teaches a dynamic Vinyasa Flow with emphasis on connecting breath with movement and quieting the mind, while challenging the body. These classes are designed for beginners as well as seasoned yogis, with modifications to both nurture and push boundaries based on students’ individual needs. Addressing whole-body wellness and harmony is the overriding theme in everything she teaches.

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